In compliance with the Terms and Conditions of the Environmental Approval #2011-076657, effective May 10, 2011, Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation (NPNS) agreed to establish a Community Liaison Committee (CLC) as a formal consultation process with certain local stakeholders regarding NPNS’ environmental approval.

Northern Pulp’s CLC serves a very important role in providing advice and facilitating two-way communication between the local community and Northern Pulp. The CLC meets at a minimum twice annually, Spring and Fall as well as convening on an as-needed basis.

CLC members are fully informed on CLC matters, and participate in the CLC’s deliberations and decisions in matters concerning the CLC Terms of Reference, guiding principles and community consultations.

A summary record note of Northern Pulp’s CLC meetings will be prepared. Comments made by CLC members at meetings will not be attributed in the summary note, and CLC members will respect that confidentiality will be maintained on issues so identified in meetings when speaking with persons who are not members of the committee.

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