The existing Effluent Treatment Facility (ETF) that is used by Northern Pulp must be closed by 2020, in accordance with the Boat Harbour Act. A new treatment facility will need to be designed and constructed to allow the mill to continue operation. The ETF will be designed, built, and operated using current best practices.

Dillon Consulting is guiding Northern Pulp through the Environmental Assessment process, including the extensive public and stakeholder consultations required prior to officially registering the project with Nova Scotia Environment in late spring 2018.

We know and understand there are a lot of questions about the project. A website has been designed specifically for the effluent treatment facility replacement project.  Dillon is maintaining this website throughout the duration of the environmental assessment to ensure transparency and provide access to information about the project as it comes available. The information will consistently be updated throughout the project as it evolves.

We encourage you to visit the below link and review the project details and submit any questions or comments that you may have throughout the process.

Please follow the link to the project website for the Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Effluent Treatment Facility Environmental Assessment.