Responsible production....and reduction

What we don't produce matters as much as what we do produce. We've dramatically minimized our environmental footprint through the use of state-of-the-art technologies to clean our wastewater and air emissions.

Northern Pulp’s manufacturing processes has environmental impacts involving the consumption of resources, air emissions, waste generation and water discharge. We seek to minimize these by focusing on continuous improvement and establishing environmental management systems (EMS) at all our operating facilities. Our Environmental Operating Plan (EOP) identifies the environmental risks (and legal obligations) associated with the day to day operations of our business and specifies the management measures the Mill will implement in order to prevent or minimize the environmental impacts associated with our operations.

Environmental performance is managed at the local mill level, with top-level oversight by the Paper Excellence Group. Guided by our Environmental Policy, the mill environmental department is responsible for compliance with local laws and regulations and for facilitating continuous improvement.

Reducing our Environmental Footprint

Our operation strives to continuously improve environmental performance in key areas. Detailed information on our air, land, and water reporting and data measurements are available on the  Key Performance Indicators page.