Regulatory testing carried out on Northern Pulp’s power boiler indicate a marked improvement with a result of 111 mg/Rm3. September testing revealed a level of 190 mg/Rm3 which exceeded the emission limit set at 150 mg/Rm3

Upon receipt of the September results, Northern Pulp immediately contracted a boiler specialist to review the mill’s entire boiler system. The review, which began in October, led to the implementation of several operational improvement recommendations. The power boiler study included reviewing data collected during previous emissions testing from 2009 until present. Initial findings and recommendations regarding air distribution have already been executed.

“We committed to better understanding the power boiler and reasoning for the varying test results”, states Bruce Chapman, General Manager with Northern Pulp. “We have a plan in place which will see us continue this positive trend of improving our environmental performance.”

Recent emission testing reveals that the new $35-million electrostatic precipitator in operation at Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation (NPNS) Kraft pulp mill in Pictou County continues to significantly reduce the mills environmental footprint.

Mid-November regulatory test results conducted at full production firing rate show the recovery boiler precipitator particulate at 2 mg/Rm3. Testing conducted in July and September by the company during the commissioning phase revealed a result of 4 mg/Rm3.  The industrial approval allows for a limit of 77 mg/Rm3.

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