Forest Stewardship is vital to Northern Pulp.  

We are one of the provinces’ largest land managers, overseeing 250,000 hectares of forested lands in Nova Scotia.  We believe in maintaining our forest resources to achieve a sustainable balance of economic, environmental and social benefits for current and future generations.  Over the past 50 years of managing lands in Nova Scotia we have helped set aside over 60,000 hectares of high conservation value lands so it can be put into permanent protection.

Forest Stewardship

We are committed to sustainable forestry and the long term health of the forest and forest industry.  Our managed lands and forestry practises are certified to third party forestry and environmental certification standards which include Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) and ISO14001.  We strive to continually improve our forestry practices based on the best available science.

Trees are a renewable resource that provides countless products we use every day.  Our tree nursery in Debert grows six million trees annually for replanting. This facility supplies 100% of our seedlings for regenerating our managed lands, and supplies other forestry companies with seedlings. 

woodlot triming

 Private woodlot owners, forestry contractors and sawmillers are pivotal partners to our supply chain and to the rural economy of Nova Scotia, providing approximately 500 rural jobs. Northern Pulp and our sawmill partners are uniquely connected through producing high value forest products resulting in Northern Pulp being the largest supplier of sawlogs in Nova Scotia. Northern Pulp is also the provinces’ largest purchaser of sawmill chips.