Win-win partnership in sustainable forest management

IMG 0732The purchase of standing timber (“Stumpage”) from private woodlot owners is an important source of wood fibre for the operation of the pulp mill and provides a host of no cost management operations to landowners. The stumpage purchase program is more about building relationships and trust than simply buying standing wood and harvesting it.

Valuing your standing timber

As the largest private supplier of timber to sawmills in Nova Scotia, and as a major wood fibre buyer, Northern Pulp calculates stumpage payments based on the value of the timber products growing on your woodlot. Sawlogs and studwood for sawmills, in most market conditions, provide the best return to the landowner, whiles trees, and portions of them, suitable for Kraft pulp production are then factored to calculate the overall value of the woodlot. Northern Pulp needs both saw material timber and pulpwood so there is no incentive to buy only pulpwood.

Meeting the objectives of the landowner

Northern Pulp makes every effort to enhance the sustainability of the woodlot while attempting to maximize the financial return and meeting the long term objectives of the landowner. Everything, from undertaking a legal land title search to building roads and reforestation after harvest are at Northern Pulp’s cost.

A partnership that works

IMG 0193Northern Pulp has a long track record of working with woodlots owners. Over the years, this approach has been to ensure the land owner is getting the best possible value while the company secures wood fibre needed to keep its business operating and people employed.

This partnership works for several reasons;

Woodlot owners even have payment options that meet their individual needs and objectives. Some owners prefer a lump sum payment based on estimated value of their timber, while others prefer to be paid based on the harvested products, after delivery to the local sawmill or pulp mill.

Explore your options

Northern Pulp purchases standing timber stumpage throughout Nova Scotia. If you have further questions about Northern Pulp, are interested in selling standing timber on your woodlot, or would like to speak to a forest professional regarding your woodlot’s potential, please contact us.

For more information contact:

Private stumpage inquires:
Jerrold Graham – 902 396 7983

Selling roadside wood:
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