Northern Pulp Nova Scotia Corporation carries out annual silviculture programs on Company Managed and privately owned woodlots

Company Managed Silviculture Program

Programs on company managed lands are based on extensive forest modelling work which outlines the amount (area) of various treatments, such as planting and pre commercial thinning. These treatemnets are required to maintain or increase the annual allowable cut (AAC) on these land tenures. Forest modelling considers land values besides growth and yield such as wildlife and environmental interests.

All forest management activities are tracked on the company’s modern Geographic Information System (GIS). The data is used to refine and improve the results of forest modeling as well as determine where future silviculture inputs should be completed.

Cutovers are surveyed 2 years after harvest to determine if they are adequately regenerating naturally or if planting or fill planting all or a portion of the harvest block is required. Annually, Northern Pulp plants between 20 & 40% of the harvest area surveyed, with the remaining area left to regenerate naturally. Planted areas are assessed two growing seasons after planting to determine survival growth and if competition control is required.

Competition to planted trees is managed using manual or chemical methods to ensure survival and growth rates meet requirements of the forest modeling.

Stands which have regenerated naturally will be surveyed at age 8 -12 depending on species, site quality, location and other forest values to decide if forest management activities such as pre-commercial thinning are required to improve quality and growth of the selected crop trees.

All silviculture treatments are completed by qualified contractors trained in Company and government regulations and individual treatment technical standards. Northern Pulp employs over 200 silviculture workers during peak planting and spacing seasons.

Private Woodlot Management

Northern Pulp is committed to managing private woodlots as well as company owned and crown lands.

Northern Pulp purchases standing timber (called stumpage) from private woodlot owners throughout Nova Scotia. As part of the purchase agreement between Northern Pulp and the land owner we commit to completing regeneration surveys on each harvested area two growing seasons after harvest.

Depending on landowner objectives for their woodlot and results of the regeneration survey, Northern Pulp may plant all or a portion of the harvested area.

Sites that are planted or managed for natural regeneration are treated similarly to company lands where competition and stem density are managed to improve quality and growth. Treatments types and locations are recorded on the company’s GIS to provide data for longer term treatments.

Treated locations for all land tenures are submitted to Nova Scotia Dept. of Natural Resources in order to:

  1. Ensure the company is meeting all requirements under the Forest Sustainability Act, and;
  2. Allow NSDNR to monitor a portion of treated sites ensuring they meet the minimum technical standards required

In addition to managing woodlots from which Northern Pulp purchased stumpage, funding may be available to complete forest management activities on other private lots depending on annual funding.

For more information on Northern Pulp NS Corporation's Silviculture Program please contact our team at: